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Onsite Repair Services

Dispatch Services

Service USA Inc., allows you to leverage our vast service capabilities to assist your customers nationwide. In our continued effort to deliver world-class service to all our dealers, Service USA, Inc. has established a nationwide service capability by building relationships with some of the country's largest service providers, as well as a network of smaller more specialized dealers. This vast pool of 'feet on the street' combined with our national mail-in depot service capabilities makes us your best partner when you need to get a customer's system repaired or upgraded.

Service Centers

Service USA Inc., has available for all our dealers/customers a quality depot and on-site repair center capability nation-wide (all zip codes covered) to repair computers, printers, monitors, scanners and other computer-related items. Services include 3-way shipping with shipping boxes, if needed, providing a simple cost-effective national solution, parts procurement, and facilitation services, and of course, quality repairs and preventive maintenance. OEM's, ISP's, Machine Buddy, and our OEM Warranty programs all take advantage of this capability.

OEM Warranty

Service USA provides a reimbursement program to its customers allowing us to offer warranty services globally under a fully guaranteed OEM warranty program for consumer products.

Loss management and preventing ordinary losses is central to the insurance industry and is of prime financial importance given that payouts on claims have exceeded premium revenues for nearly two decades. Our OEM Warranty program offers proper help desk administration that reduces the overall claims paid by providing a higher level of service. Lower insurance and manufacturer losses are the result.

Expense recovery is vital to corporations to ensure that after-market support programs are funded by the original purchase and are cost effective throughout the life of the product. Service USA can identify revenue opportunities with customers and clients to increase margins that can be built into an administration program.  The revenues received through increased margins can be applied to reduce the financial impact of administration and after-market support programs.

Help Desk Programs

Service USA Help Desk

At the heart of Service USA is our state-of-the-art Help Desk center. A 24-hour call center provides toll-free telephone support staffed by our highly trained call center specialist, located domestically in the United States.

Aided by sophisticated call management systems, escalation procedures and multi-tiered product support organizations, most calls are resolved without resulting in costly on-site repair visits, reducing costly downtime. Our professionally trained telephone support specialist work hard to provide customers with worry-free results, ensuring problems are solved as quick as possible.

Our knowledge and evaluation of the technology industry allow us to offer services which reduce and avoid help desk calls. By creating proper phone prompts and providing our technology experts with a knowledge base and network of information greater than most call centers, we can solve the problem at hand and establish customer satisfaction with one call. This eliminates repeat phone calls from the same customer regarding the same issue. Call avoidance is achieved through early identification of patterns in phone call volume that identify misconfigurations and reveal faults that can be corrected by the manufacturer or supplier. That reduces the number of phone calls.

Service Plans

Service USA offers performance guarantees which allows our company to provide service and support to a product at any time during its ownership.

This service program, which targets retailers, VARs, OEMs and corporations, lengthens the basic parts and labor warranty for consumer products to additional years beyond the original manufacturer's warranty. Service USA's goal in each market is to exceed expectations, make problem solving a top priority, provide value added products and unmatched customer service and to pay claims fairly and promptly.

To provide further assurance and confidence in our support commitments, the benefits under this service plan are underwritten. The extended service programs are engineered with the needs of today's consumer in mind and are often private-labeled for clients.

Our clients market the products to their customers, and do so with confidence based on our customer service and tradition of delivering results. Service USA continually sets new standards for point-of-sale productivity by offering one of the finest ESP sales training programs in the industry. Our training staff shows your sales associates how to successfully incorporate the program into your existing sales process. There is minimum risk for claims payments to clients who sell the Service Contract plans. All contractual liability lies with the administrator and there is no capital investment required by the client. The administrator handles all administration and provides your customers with superior service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our clients can be assured that Service USA is in the business to serve customers and is dedicated to providing them with superior service. With increasing advances in the business equipment and computer software industries, the need for innovative, world-class customer support is rising dramatically. Our success lies not only in keeping up with technical changes, but in establishing a collaborative relationship with clients and offering proactive solutions.

    About us

    Founded in July 2004 and now based in our new Reno Nevada Office, Service USA Inc. is a provider of outsourced CRM, customer contact programs and call center services, including inbound and outbound voice, email and live agent chat services. Our senior management team members have been in the consumer product service industry for decades. More information is available by sending a request via our contact page. Thank you for visiting Service USA Inc. 




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